Photos of Vladimir Ovchinnikov
 1. Piotr Utkin (in centre) together with teachers and pupils of  Saratov's Art Trade School. Vladimir Ovchinnikov is on the left    of centre in the second row. Saratov, 1928. 
 2. At the sketch. Kanev, Ukrain, 1953. 
 3. In the workshop at the Pesochnaya embankment. From left to right:  Slava Ovchinnikov (sun of the artist), artist Yury Khukhrov,  Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Leningrad, 1965. 
 4. In the workshop at the Pesochnaya embankment. Leningrad, 1962. 
 5. At the Art Show in "Manezh" Central Exhibition Hall. Leningrad, 1971. 
 6. Pending the coach. From left to right: artists N.Furmankov,  V.Ovchinnikov, I.Varichev, I.Lavsky, L.Yazgur, L.Vayshla, P.Vasiliev. The House of Artist's Creation "Old Ladoga", 1972. 
 7. At the work under the picture of "Evening at the Volga".  Leningrad, 1977. 

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