Photos of artist Sergey Ivanovich Osipov

1. Alexander Osmerkin with students in Sochi. Summer practical work of 1940. To his right - Sergey Osipov.
 2. Sergey Osipov. 1982.
 3. At the artshow in "Manezh". From  the left - artist Vladimir Ovchinnikov. 1977.
 4. At the exhibition in the Leningrad Union of Artisit. Frim the left - artist Piotr Vasiliev. 1980.
 5. At the sketch in the ancient town of Staritsa. 1974.
 6. Staf of the departement of general painting of  the Mukhina Institute of Art. From the right - Sergey Osipov. 1972.
 7. In the Art Studio. 1983.


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