1. Lev Russov. The village of Pavshino. 1960. 
  2. Russov with his wife Ekaterina Russova and huhting-dog Nora. The village of Nackol. 1957.  
  3. Russov (right) and artist G. Bagrov with hunting trophies. The village of Nackol. 1956.
  4. Ekaterina Russova sit for one`s portrait. 1959.
  5. Heroines of artist portraits: Ekaterina Russova (right) and aunty Polya. The village Nackol. 1956.
  6. Lev Russov. 1956.
  7. A. Russov (son), L. Russov, artists Y. Shablykin and V. Nikiforov. The village of Shozhma, Arkhangelsk Province. 1972.

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